Version 1.6, what’s coming

Version 1.5 has been released, and even though I haven’t detailed anything about it other than in the change log, it has been a major change to the bot’s code and structure. Today, I am working on version 1.6, which will change the code majorly to provide modular support (having 3rd-party extensions) to provide an answer to some of you who asked for things such as commands that will charge points and so on.
At the beginning I’ll make some plugins of my own and post them, and I will accept some requests as well, I’ll try to keep it up until I document the API (Application Programming Interface, what lets you add / remove currency through the code and so on) so it’ll be easy for anyone who knows some C# programming.

My current goal is to provide all the functions used in the code to the API, some exceptions might be made to provide security, either way you shouldn’t be using any plugin you find as some of them might be malicious.

If you make your own plugin once the API is available, you may contact me to provide the source and if (in my opinion) it’s useful, I’ll post it here on the blog.

The next version is pretty much ready, I’ve tested some of the API functions through the example extension, I’ll test everything soon, currently I am working on adding the option for you to add windows to the UI, with internal testing (inside the code itself, without an extension) it seems to work, you create a form, call a function that will add it to the UI and you’re pretty much done.
Also I look forward for your extension requests. Other than the example extension I’ll make an extension that will enable the greeting function automatically. I do not add this feature to the bot, simply because it is not efficient and I would’ve removed it already, but the ones I’ve contacted and asked about the greetings feature objected…

I’ve added and improved many things in the API.
I am still working on some stuff to separate all the data that extensions may generate to their own “private” folder.