Weekly Update/Progress Report #2 (January 6th, 2015)

I’ve missed last week’s report (aaand this report is delayed by a day) for personal reasons, somewhere along the lines it’s also caused by me getting a new computer 🙂

So what I’ve worked on recently was mostly correcting minor issues and attempting to improve the bot’s speed, especially at interactions with the database.
It is still a work in progress but there seems to be some improvements.

I’ve had some feature requests this week, some of them are great ideas, but some of them are things that I do NOT want to add.
The main one so far which has suddenly been requested after everyone having no issue with it for however long I’ve taken the project into my hands, the ability to see if you’re in the giveaway and/or how many tickets you’ve purchased.
Now, why won’t I add this option? First of all, most of the options for giveaways (nearly all of them) do NOT provide that option, and providing that option gives a reason for spam. Second of all, there’s simple logic, which is if you comply the requirements, you’re in, if not, then you’re not. Streamers may enable an option to let users know if they don’t answer a requirement (Announce false entries), if this is enabled, there’s no reason to have an indication of whether or not you’re in, as if there’s an issue, you’ll be told about it.

Now, another thing that has really bothered me and I wrote about it the last time, is the fact that I dedicate so much time to fix issues, add features, improve things, provide support and carefully explain how to use things, but barely anyone bothers to read, and I stated that I will NOT reply to anything that is answered in the blog. I’ve been trying to hold this as much as I could, but if you do not bother to read, I will not bother to answer you, I spend hours and hours on this bot every week, usually a couple of hours every day, and what I’m asking in return is your support in spreading the word, reading things I dedicate time to explain and support me with donations if you have the option, since even though it’s free, it’s my free time and sooner or later I’ll have to find a job and it will very likely force me to leave the project. I love programming and I will never quit it, and I really like helping people, and in order to be able to do that I need support from you the same way you need from your viewers, so if you can, please support me.

And yes some things have changed since the past two weeks after I made the previous post, I have gotten more support which is awesome, and hopefully it will continue so the awareness to the bot will grow to a larger community!

A BIG shout-out to every user who has spread the word and donated, you really help me a LOT! Thank you!


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