An update to support the changes to the chat

Update: the update is no longer required, the old server address now redirects to the new one, you can still use this update if you’d like to provide feedback about the changes made.

Over the past few weeks Twitch has been slowly testing new chat servers, channels being migrated slowly to the new chat servers, starting with partners. The change has made it so the bot does not receive any input from the chat, as it is connecting to the wrong server.
The provided archive should solve the issue.

The update in the archive is a work in progress started a while ago which I never finished, it is an early build of version 1.9, custom extensions will break, some functionality may be either missing or broken and some new features (such as the message timers) were never finished, it is recommended that you only acquire the archive if you need the update so the bot would function properly, and even then, make a backup of the entire folder before starting the bot with the update.

The archive contains the updated bot as well as some extensions that were updated to support the changes, if you use any of the extensions provided in the archive, replace them with the ones from the archive, otherwise the bot may crash due to incompatibility, the same also applies to any other extensions you may use which are not maintained by me, if you encounter any issues backup and remove all the extensions first to eliminate those as the cause.

If you encounter any issues with the update, report them via any of the options provided in the contact page. Please note that I do not have much time to dedicate to ModBot anymore, and that I’ve got other projects to support as well, updates may take some time.

Acquire the archive here.

• Custom commands using “@user” to reference the user would have to be updated, use “{user}” instead, this is comes as a result of a new system for custom commands, and would be detailed when version 1.9 officially releases.
• The bot and channel tokens will be reset, they can be recovered by navigating to “Data/Settings/” from the ModBot folder, opening ModBot.ini and copying the values of “Bot_Token” and “Channel_Token” from under “[Settings]” to under “[Connection]”.