Twitch partnership validation issues/Recoding ModBot

Twitch had recently started to require the Client-ID header to be used with most API calls, version 1.8 fails to do so and as I no longer have the code I am unable to make a seamless “same as before” experience.

I’ll be pushing the unfinished build of 1.9 that I linked in the previous post as solution to the current problem. This isn’t a solution I am happy with but it’s the best I can do for now.

ModBot has had a few issues recently and the amount of work required to make it compatible and optimize inefficient code is overwhelming. I am thinking about recoding the bot from scratch, optimizing it off the start and separating the pieces so that if anything happens to break again in the future, it wouldn’t be over half the code requiring changes.

Recoding the bot would take a while and it would lack many features, but the process would be faster and polished better with more people than just myself testing it, if you’d like to help me test a recoded version of ModBot please send me an email at with your channel name and average amount of viewers (will not affect your chance to help, it is simply used to know whether your channel could be used for more intensive tests). Before you sign up for testing take it into consideration that the bot would be barebones for a while with barely any if any of the features you currently use, the recoded bot is intended to gradually phase out the need of the current bot, but it would take a while.

Once (/if) I receive enough sign ins I’ll begin testing with those who signed up, you’ll be notified by email and provided with a link to the new version.