my name is Dor and I adopted the ModBot project.

About Me
So, it starts by me liking to program things, improve and fix. I started programming when I was 7 and today I’m 18 (April 13th, 1997) and I know a variety of programming languages and I am known around some communities, mostly communities of games that I used to mod.

About ModBot
ModBot is based over the idea of LoyaltyBot with easier setup and interface. It was originally coded by Keirathi and later on has been pretty much abandoned.
ModBot has had many crashing issues, I started fixing it, improving it for a streamer who I became friends with, after some time I’ve decided to continue with the improvements and fixes as a public project. The bot has been pretty much recoded since the adoption of the project, but I would probably had never started working on a bot without the original project.
* The original ModBot is available from here.

Thank you for reading 🙂 If you wish to support me, referrals to this blog and donations will be appreciated!