Documentation / Source-Code


For user documentation and commands head here.

API documentation for developers is not available yet, but the API is self explanatory and should be easy to use without any documentation. The documentation will first be available through a client update (functions will have explanations, parameter details and return values).


The client (core) and the updater are no longer open source for personal reasons, the code will still be obtainable at the pre-1.7 revisions and through contacting me if your reason justifies it in my opinion.
Extensions will remain open source.

If you’re interested in the source-code of the extensions or the bot pre-1.7, you can check it out on GitHub.

If you would like to help me with the extensions, submit your own or suggest a feature that is required for your extension, contact me.


One thought on “Documentation / Source-Code

  1. killswitchdh

    Thanks for doing all of this. So far everything seems really great so I appreciate you picking up the project after the original person dropped it.


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