Updating from the original ModBot is done the same way as an initial installation.
A pop-up message will appear when you first start the updated client, asking you if you want to update your files or delete them, this process can not be undone and no backup is kept. You can create your own backup if you wish.

Initial installation:

1. Create a new folder where you’ll have all the files you need for ModBot (as it creates folders and additional files).
2. Download the updater to the folder your created from here as an archive or here as an executable. If downloaded as an archive extract using your favorite software (WinRAR or 7Zip).
3. Run the updater and click the “Update ModBot” button.
4. ModBot will be downloaded.
5. Continue to the extensions section by clicking the “Extensions” button in the updater, you’ll be given a sentence long description per extension, there’s more information in the documentation (missing information will be available at the release of version 1.9).
6. Once ModBot is opened, you can start configuring everything.
Start by generating a token for the bot’s account by clicking “Generate Bot Token”.
Then continue to generating a token for the channel’s account by clicking “Generate Channel Token”.
(Manually inserting the bot’s and channel’s account names are no longer required, these are acquired from the tokens).
DO NOT USE THE SAME ACCOUNT TO GENERATE BOTH TOKENS! You need a separate account for the bot token which will function as the bot and your channel (or the channel that is intended to be used on) for the channel token.
Having issues generating a token? Head to the troubleshooting section.
7. Configure other settings as you wish, then click “Connect” to save your settings and connect.
8. If everything has been done correctly ModBot will be good to go, head to the documentation page for commands and other details about features.


You’ll be notified about an update when starting the bot or while it’s running if an update is found.
• Updating through the notification telling you about an update is mostly automatic, it’ll close the bot and open the updater, performing the update right away, when done, the updater will close and restart the bot, if the update was done while the bot was connected to the channel, it’ll connect automatically.
You can keep your bot up to date by letting it update automatically using the “-autoupdate” startup command, the bot will update, restart and reconnect when used (This currently does not consider running gambles, giveaways and etc, currency used towards those systems will be lost).
• Updating manually is done by opening the updater, clicking “Update ModBot” and waiting for the update to finish, then close the updater and open the bot.


If you want to change the current game through the bot and you want to make sure that the name is the name is written the same way it appears on Twitch (so people will be able to find you), you can download this list of games (Right click -> Save As…) and put it in the Data folder under the name Games with the .txt extension (Games.txt). The list contains over 42000 names of games from the GiantBomb database (where Twitch is getting their list), using the list will add auto-complete for games.
The list is not 100% accurate and there are some games Twitch excludes, add on their own and rename. The list is also not up-to-date all the time, I update it every once in a while.

NOTE: Some anti-viruses and browsers might block downloading and/or executing of the updater and/or the bot itself. This is caused by one of these 3 reasons :
1. Your browser (usually Google Chrome) treats to executable files as a threat.
2. The updater and the bot both make connections in the background, some antiviruses consider this a threat.
3. The updater and the bot both have a custom border that changes automatically by code, some antiviruses detect this as a malicious change (mostly detected as a malware injection). Even though this might sound suspicious, the bot is not a virus of any kind, the sourcecode is available on GitHub and you may compile it yourself if you wish to, yet, you may still encounter issues 2 and 3.

If my bot helps your channel, please do refer to this blog and consider donating.