Twitch partnership validation issues/Recoding ModBot

Twitch had recently started to require the Client-ID header to be used with most API calls, version 1.8 fails to do so and as I no longer have the code I am unable to make a seamless “same as before” experience. Continue reading


An update to support the changes to the chat

Update: the update is no longer required, the old server address now redirects to the new one, you can still use this update if you’d like to provide feedback about the changes made.

Over the past few weeks Twitch has been slowly testing new chat servers, channels being migrated slowly to the new chat servers, starting with partners. The change has made it so the bot does not receive any input from the chat, as it is connecting to the wrong server.
The provided archive should solve the issue. Continue reading

Access Tokens have been reset

As a part of Twitch’s password and connections reset, the access tokens used for the bot and other services has been reset.

You have received an email from Twitch explaining why this has happened, it is basically due to unauthorized access by hackers on March 3rd and as a safety measure they reset everyone’s passwords and connections as precaution steps.
Update: This has been posted on Twitch’s blog, click here for more information.

To use the bot again you will have to reset the password of both your account and the bot’s and generate tokens again the same way you have done so initially.


Are you a designer and you would like to help me in creating a better design for the bot?
Great! Contact me! (For this matter I’d favor Skype).

What am I targeting?
– A new logo.
– Redesigning the bot (it will mostly be done under the current “template” however). It will very likely be done as skinning (where there are pre-defined names for resources for items in the bot, for example TopBorder or WindowButton), by so also support custom skins, letting users personalize the bot for their taste.

Note that this is a free job, I will NOT pay you for any work, if you wish to help me you will be doing it voluntarily.