The bot isn’t at a perfect state yet, and there are some issues, I’ll try to answer the issues some users encountered here.

Issue: I am trying to generate an access token, but the bot is flickering / is not doing anything.
Solution: The process should take no longer than a minute, The bot will open a window on Twitch asking you to connect to your or your bot’s/channel’s account. If it doesn’t happen within a minute, your settings are restricting the method I use (rare, still trying to solve the issue).
You can generate a token manually (does not work well with Internet Explorer). Use this link for the bot’s token, and this for the channel’s.
After you connect to your or your bot’s/channel’s account, you’ll be redirected to the homepage of Twitch, but the address bar has the token, copy everything between “#access_token=” and “&scopes”, paste the token in the correct field. Your token will be in the page you’re redirected to.

Issue: I generated a token for the bot and for the channel, but the bot says that the bot’s or the channel’s token is invalid.
Solution: Make sure that your bot’s name is not the channel’s, also when generating the token make sure that you connect to the right account.
If you use your channel’s account as the bot’s, you can’t generate two tokens, the 2nd one will disable the 1st and vice versa.
If you still want to use your channel’s account as the bot, generate a channel token and close the bot. Then open the settings file (Data/Settings/ModBot.ini), find the “Channel_Token” setting under “[Connection]”, copy it to the “Bot_Token” setting, save the file and launch the bot.

Issue: I can’t launch the updater and/or the bot.
Solution: Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed.

Issue: I can’t use the !warn command and the spam filter.
Solution: The bot has to be a moderator in the channel for these features.

Issue: Some commands such as !admin do not work.
Solution: Check the command list at the bottom of the installation page.

Issue: The time and points do not increase.
Solution: The channel must be live for these features, if the channel has been live and it still did not work, please contact me.

Issue: The bot crashes (at startup).
Solution: Look for an update through the updater, if there’s no update, check the posts in the blog. Also if you’re running extensions please try to disable all the extensions (by moving them to the “Disabled” subfolder) and try again. If the crash is caused by an extension, please contact the author of the extension.
If no information about your issue is available, please contact me.